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Plans, goals and dreams postponed indefinitely:

it's messing up with everybody.


Write a letter to your future self about the sensations, experiences and whatever else is in your chest because

of this crisis. In one year, we'll send you back the letter

so you can reflect on what actually happened.

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Everything is new in pandemic times. Every minute we're pushed

to handle new demands: whether it's in the way we work, consume,

in our relationships or in our domestic routine.


In this context, we know it's not very simple to talk about future,

but talking to yourself can be a good place to start.


That's why we created Futuro Meu (Future Me): a safe and anonymous space in which you can talk about your feelings, fears and expectations.



Through a simple form, we will help you compose a letter

to express both what you're feeling now and what you think

we'll be experiencing in one year.


 In 2021 you will receive the letter via e-mail and 

 we will be able to analyse what actually happened. 



The hundreds of letters we're receiving help us understand the issues each generation

has been dealing with during COVID-19 times, which inspire us to engage in several

market-related dialogues through reports, articles e other contents published on our Instagram.

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(Content in portuguese)



We're not psychics , futurists or futurologists: we're just

curious about human nature.



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